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Protect and freshen up your home with a new roof or siding from Bibbo Builders. We specialize in roof replacement and siding installation for Cherry Hill homeowners.

Joe, our owner, is a friendly and highly professional Cherry Hill, NJ resident who will walk you through the roof/siding replacement process from start to finish with as little disruption to your home as possible.

We offer exterior renovations for both residential and commercial properties. Let us make your home or business more beautiful!

The photo above is from Renaissance Drive — Cherry Hill, NJ

How Much Does a Roof Cost?

Roof replacement is a significant investment, and understanding the factors that contribute to the cost is essential. Our team considers several key elements when providing you with an estimate for your new roof:

  • Roof Size & Complexity — The area of your roof and its unique structural features, including valleys, dormers, and chimneys, play a crucial role in cost determination.
  • Material Selection — We offer a wide range of roofing materials (in many colors), from traditional asphalt shingles to more premium options. Your preference influences the overall expense.
  • Shingle Removal — If old materials need to be removed prior to installation, the labor and disposal costs will be factored into the estimate.
  • Current Climate — No, we don’t mean the weather! We’re talking about raw material costs and labor rates to generously compensate our crew, which can be impacted by many factors outside of our control.
  • Permits & Regulations — Obtaining necessary permits and complying with local building codes may influence the work needed to be done to safely install your new roof.

Your Trusted Local Exterior Contractor

Expanding beyond roofs, we excel in new vinyl siding and gutter replacement. Our team’s craftsmanship enhances your home’s appearance and protection:

New Vinyl Siding — We meticulously estimate siding needs, material selection, and labor to deliver unmatched beauty and longevity.

Gutter Replacement — Our estimates consider gutter length, material choice, labor, and downspouts, ensuring optimal water management and exterior preservation.

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Bibbo Builders installed my new roof and siding. They were able to fit me on the schedule very quickly and Joe was very responsive to all my questions and was quick to come out and remediate any issues.

Matt V. (BBB)

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